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Search the Cannabis Transparency Standards | Chain-of-Custody Platform database containing fully transparent chain-of-custody documents and labeling for products and raw ingredients supplied by qualified manufacturers.

Saying What You Do - Doing What You Say - and Proving It through Cannabis Transparency Standards | Chain-of-Custody Platform

Considering that many consumers of cannabis are fighting serious illnesses, it is morally incumbent that product manufacturers source the cleanest and most responsibly manufactured cannabinoids available. It takes experience and knowledge to circumvent the hype and questionable business practices that exist around any industry that is growing as fast as today’s medical cannabinoid market.

The importance of purity for consumers who may be struggling with a compromised immune system puts a deep level of responsibility on product manufactures to follow safety standards that mirror the best practices of other high compliance industries; particularly when operating in a space that has no regulatory board for the purpose of monitoring, validating and certifying the practices of hemp product manufacturers. This extends to the quality and safety transparency of the ingredients that companies source to develop their products from.

CBD Global Extracts (CBDG), in Denver Colorado,  has raised the bar for the hemp cultivation and concentrates manufacturing industry by establishing the first-ever standards of quality and transparency previously unseen, and currently unmet by other manufacturers today.

Established as the premier supplier of wholesale phytocannabinoids and value-add formulation services, CBDG provides the cleanest, most documented, transparent and competitively priced products on the global cannabis market.

To prove this, CBDG created the Cannabis Transparency Standards™ and associated Consumer Safety Seal. The seal is used by product manufacturers who source phytocannabinoids from a safe, legal, and responsible supplier. Consumers see this seal on products and know that their medicine was manufactured through a fully documented and verifiable Seed-to-Sale chain of custody that is Tracked, Tested, and Trusted.